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This is a mini-documentary of the massive fire thatquickly consumed six blocks of businesses on a stretch of Jersey Shore boardwalk, devastating a community damaged by Sandy last in 2013. Our Directory of Photography was filming with the the Westampton Fire Department when the call came in. More...Read more

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Chief Miller EP. 8
by Joel Miller

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Do you have spare gear or the ability to help transport it?

There are firehouses around the world without the tools or supplies they need to effectively help the people they serve. If you have extra gear -- be it helmets, hoses, or even trucks -- please consider giving it a second life at another department in need. Add a listing to our Donations Board if you are in need of gear, have gear you'd like to donate, or if you have the resources (freight, fleet, funds, etc.) to facilitate the transfer of gear from one location to another.

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My name is Frank Cardinale. I spent 36+ years in the San Francisco Fire Department nad have been an instructor at the NAtional Fire Academy for the past 12 years. I look forward to participating as a trainer on TheBattalion training channel. My goal is to pass on information helpful to your career...Read more

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Battalion Viewers, we are moving from Sunday nights to Wednesday nights at 6:00P.M. Pacific Standard Time...

We continue to have challanges for our shows being authorized by the Departments of the series, they all have been very busy last year and this year. The...

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