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Snow day at Station 15, first call of this 24, it's a EMS call, next up, we are riding with Woody and the Ladder Company, smell of something in the basement, (see the cameraman) found, a sized electric motor, it could have been bad, but it was caught in time. Back at the station, a call comes in, both Engine and Truck are out the door. It's a medical call. A women in need of her meds. Today, a Probie has been riding with us, he drops by the departments warehouse where all of the new gear is kept, he get's himself some new boots and cutters. They go back into service

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Olathe Fire

Each day firefighters, working from eight fire trucks, serve Olathe from seven, strategically located fire stations. Firefighters work 24-hour rotating shifts from 8 a.m. to 8 a.m. - firefighters are on duty at all times, even holidays. All Olathe firefighters are emergency medical technicians or paramedics. Learn about an Olathe firefighting career. www.olethaks/

Columbus Division of Fire

The mission of the Columbus Division of Fire is to serve their community by preventing emergencies through education and inspection. Minimizing injury, death, and property destruction due to fire, natural disaster and other emergencies while providing timely and effective emergency medical services.