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The morning starts off with a medical call, in Oletha, the police always arrive first on-scene to insure safety for the crews, this call is no differant. Afternoon, a medical at a big box store. Next up, a vehicle accident in front of the car dealers. Late afternoon, we follow Darrel to shop for his daughter and then, an afternoon on the lake sailing his boat. not a trial run, then, it's back to the station for chow and a call comes in for a commercail smoke alarm

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Olathe Fire

Each day firefighters, working from eight fire trucks, serve Olathe from seven, strategically located fire stations. Firefighters work 24-hour rotating shifts from 8 a.m. to 8 a.m. - firefighters are on duty at all times, even holidays. All Olathe firefighters are emergency medical technicians or paramedics. Learn about an Olathe firefighting career. www.olethaks/

Columbus Division of Fire

The mission of the Columbus Division of Fire is to serve their community by preventing emergencies through education and inspection. Minimizing injury, death, and property destruction due to fire, natural disaster and other emergencies while providing timely and effective emergency medical services.