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This day starts with one of the Trainees, who is in his Senior year of high school, as he arrives at school. Back at the station, over at headquarters, Assistant Chief Bulke talks about the area they cover and how they are going to the citizens for a tax levy to get permanent firefighters. Cortez is a small town with a very small budget and the Chief knows how to stretch the dollars and get funding. A call comes in. It's a fire. They arrive on scene to a small building nearly burnt to the ground by the homeowners young son. The boy's father and the Chief give him a little talking too. Late afternoon, we are on scene of a real barn burner, then comes the snow. That night, we catch up with Tanner at his Graduation, then it's off for Ice Cream.

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Cortez Fire

The Cortez Fire Protection District is an all-risk emergency service organization. They respond to all types of fire related emergencies, medical emergencies and special situational responses, including hazardous materials.