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Station 9, Engine 9 and the "B" Shift with Captain Karey Wedemeyer and her crew. !st call of the morning, it's an EMS call, a young woman is pregnant and out of breath, she has Asthma. The Paramedics arrive and assist the crew as they administer medication, package her up for transport and to the ambulance. The crew shop for their entire 48 hour shift. Back at the station, they stow their food and a call comes in as smoke in a local restaurant in the Tower District, they arrive on scene to find a street fair celebration. They check with the thermal imager to see if they can locate where the smoke is coming from, becomes more difficult than expected with a double ceiling. The get back to the station, finally have lunch and a call comes in; turns out that an arsonist might have started a small field on fire and now it's up the wall and into the eves of this single family dwelling.

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